CNN News Video: New York City: Feature On Museum Of Modern Art’s “Rain Room”

The following CNN news video contains Quest Means Business’s feature on the Rain Room, which is an exhibit at the Museum Of Modern Art. This video was added to the CNN website on June 27, 2013.

The Rain Room combines art with photographic and GPS technology. It has a cool system that allows you to walk among falling rain but not get wet. The way it works is cameras are capturing the movements of everyone in the room. The camera images are fed into a kind of GPS system. Once the system detects your location, it sends a signal to the relevant portions of the rain machine to stop dropping water at your location. By doing this, you can walk around the Rain Room without actually getting wet.

The key is to walk slowly, though. The system has a little bit of lag time. So you have to adjust your speed to keep from getting wet.

Klaus Biesenbach is the chief curator at large for the Museum Of Modern Art. He says he is kind of surprised at how successful the Rain Room has been, as it is hard to win over New Yorkers. But it has intrigued them. Biesenbach said there is an ecological message behind this piece of art. It is that you have to slow down and not just abuse nature.

CNN Video With Quest Means Business Segment About The New York Museum Of Modern Art’s “Rain Room”

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