CNN News Video: Musician Zach Deputy Interviewed About Touring, Frisbee (Disc) Golf And Other Topics

The following CNN music news video contains an interview with Zach Deputy. He is a musician who has toured around the world. In addition to music topics, Deputy is also asked about hobbies and what he does to relax. Zach says that he loves to play Frisbee golf. This video was added to the CNN website on May 17, 2013.

Zach Deputy is from Savannah, Georgia. It has a beautiful, old downtown. There are cobblestones all around, and the buildings were constructed in the 1700s. His family is from Savannah, he grew up there, and this is still his home.

Disc golf is the big thing that he loves to do in Savannah. He says it is getting more popular. But it hasn’t taken the world by storm just yet. Like golf, different discs are used for different shots. There are Frisbees for putting, driving, etc.

Disc golf is Deputy’s therapy. And visiting disc golf courses around the country lets him see a lot of sights in America. He loves it.

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