CNN News Video: Interview With Putnam County, New York District Attorney, Adam Levy (Judge Judy’s Son), About His Defamation Suit Against Sheriff Don Smith

The following CNN legal news video contains an interview with Adam Levy, who is Judge Judy’s son. Levy is the district attorney of Putnam County, New York. He has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Don Smith, the sheriff of Putnam County. This video was added to the CNN website on August 16, 2013. It aired on the New Day TV show.

This is a long interview. I will summarize the controversy surrounding the defamation suit.

A man named Alexandru Hossu was being investigated for child sexual assault. As it turns out, it is a family friend of Adam Levy. And it was also discovered that the accused is an illegal alien. Levy says he had no idea that the man was an illegal alien. He had a driver’s license and was even married to an American woman. But I guess he had not changed his visa in time and overstayed the visa he did have.

According to Levy, Sheriff Don Smith accused him of harboring an illegal alien – the same man described above, who was being investigated for child rape.

Levy says it’s simply not true. In fact, he immediately recused himself from the case and contacted the Westchester County district attorney to assist in the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office’s investigation. It is standard to recuse yourself from working on a case when the subject of the investigation is a friend.

What is not clear from this Adam Levy interview is exactly what Sheriff Don Smith said. So we can’t really analyze whether he is liable for defamation until we see a word-for-word quote of exactly what he said.

Levy says he will give any money won in the lawsuit to an organization that supports women victims.

CNN Legal Video With Interview Of Adam Levy (Judge Judy’s Son), About His Defamation Suit Against Sheriff Don Smith

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