CNN News Video: Interview With Police Officers (Anthony Espada, Barbara Johnson, And Michael Tracy) Who Rescued The Cleveland, Ohio Kidnapping Victims

The following CNN crime news video is an update to the Cleveland, Ohio kidnapping and rape case. The suspect is Ariel Castro. The victims are Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight. This video has an interview with some of the police officers who helped rescue the victims from Castro’s house. It was added to the CNN website on May 17, 2013. This segment aired on Anderson Cooper 360.

Cop Anthony Espada makes comments on this video. He is talking about responding to the 911 operator’s call for a Code 1. You can also hear a portion of Amanda Berry’s 911 call.

Michael Tracy was Anthony Espada’s patrol partner that day. He and Espada talk about showing up at Castro’s house. They saw a crowd on the porch, and there was a girl raising her hand and holding a child. That turned out to be Amanda Berry.

Espada and Tracy were overwhelmed when they confirmed it was Amanda Berry. Then, Amanda said that there were two more victims in the house.

Espada then said he went in the house, and Michelle Knight paused for a second and then hugged him and said they saved them. He then saw another girl, and that victims confirmed that she was Georgina DeJesus.

A woman cop, Barbara Johnson, was also interviewed for this story. She followed Espada and Tracy into the house and helped make the rescue. Michelle Knight grabbed her and told Johnson not to let her go.

Click here to see the CNN video that contains an interview with some of the police officers who rescued the victims in the Ariel Castro kidnapping case, in Cleveland, Ohio.

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