CNN News Video: Ellen DeGeneres Pokes Fun At “Wasted” Dr. Sanjay Gupta For Beating Her In Reader’s Digest “Most Trustworthy” List

The following CNN news video is a comedy piece about Ellen DeGeneres and CNN’s own Dr. Sanjay Gupta. In a recent survey done by Reader’s Digest, Gupta placed one spot ahead of Ellen in a “Most Trustworthy” list of American celebrities. So Ellen decided to make a funny skit about Gupta to show that he really isn’t all that trustworthy. This video was added to the CNN website on May 18, 2013. Don Lemon is reporting for this story.

Ellen’s staff spliced audio together into a funny mashup to make it look like Sanjay Gupta was telling a bunch of college graduates to get drunk all the time. He said he loves to get wasted and have a real beer, and he also said that he has conceived children in over 100 countries.

Ellen finished 18th in the Most Trusted list, and Gupta finished 17th.

Gupta was then interviewed over the phone and says that Ellen once recommended 20 shots of Tequila to some college graduates.

Don Lemon just delivered a commencement speech at LSU. He told them not to worry because he made it even though he partied like crazy when he went to LSU.

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