CNN Technology News Video: Camouflage To Make Military Soldiers Invisible (Harry Potter Cloak)

The following CNN technology news video is about the future of camouflage for the military. Nowadays, camouflage is pretty good if you are in certain environments. It typically works when there are lots of trees or other vegetation around. According to this CNN video, a new type of camouflage can work for soldiers in any environment by making them literally blend right into the background. It has been compared to the Harry Potter cloak. This video was added to the CNN website on December 4, 2012.

This camo is apparently not being used today. It is not totally clear from this story how long this new camouflage is away from actual tactical use.

The way it works is by manipulating the light around the soldier using the camo. It essentially tricks they eyes, sort of like a magician’s smoke-and-mirrors trick. Let’s a say a soldier is standing in front of a large tree. A person looking at him would see the tree because the special fabric used in the camouflage somehow directs the light used to see the tree by human eyes to the people who would otherwise be looking at the camouflaged person. It sounds unbelievable. But the camo expert on this video, Guy Cramer, says the technology already exists. It’s now making it so that it can actually be used in real life by military soldiers on the battlefield.

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