CNN Legal News Video: UC-San Diego Student, Daniel Chong, Gets Over $4 Million In Settlement With DEA, Over Being Left In Detention Cell For 5 Days

The following CNN legal news video comes out of San Diego, California. A student from UC-San Diego, has settled a lawsuit with the DEA, for over $4 million. Chong will receive $4.1 million for being left in a holding cell for 5 days. It isn’t clear why no one checked on him for all that time. This video was added to the CNN website on July 31, 2013.

Chong has never been charged with anything. He was apparently visiting a friend’s house one day that got raided. So Chong was arrested along with everyone else. Once placed in the cell, he was either completely forgotten or completely neglected. Most likely, they just forgot him. But the mystery is that, despite saying he was screaming and yelling, no one ever opened the door to check on him for the whole 5 days.

Chong reportedly had resigned himself to the fact that he was going to die. But he did try to survive by drinking his own urine. Chong also reportedly carved “Sorry Mom” into his own arm as some kind of farewell message.

This was rank incompetence on the part of the DEA. But to be honest, sign me up if this gig pays $4 million. I’ll probably never earn that in my whole life. Add a couple more days and give me 5 million. This was hell for 5 days. But then he won the lottery. Again, where do I sign up?

CNN Video About UC-San Diego Student, Daniel Chong, Setting Case With DEA For Over $4 Million

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