CNN Legal News Video: Jason Patric’s Sperm-Donor Controversy Against Danielle Schreiber And Fight For His Son

The following CNN legal news video is about actor Jason Patric, his biological son, and ex-girlfriend, Danielle Schreiber. This video was added to the CNN website on July 16, 2013. It aired on the New Day TV show.

Patric “donated” sperm to Schreiber so that she could have a baby. Although Patric is appealing and trying to get a new law passed in California, he lost his court case against Schreiber. It seems that Patric is saying that he was not a donor at all because he was in a relationship with Schreiber at the time the sperm was given. It seems hard to believe that position without explaining why you wouldn’t just do it the old-fashioned way. Without a good explanation, this seems like a sperm donation. And under California law, a sperm donor has no parental rights unless he has a specific agreement for such rights. With no agreement, parental or custody rights never exist in the first place.

On Katie’s show, Patric says his son was stolen, and he is trying to get him back. This kind of language is probably not helpful and should be toned down. He did not do an interview for this New Day piece.

Schreiber is likely correct in terms of the legal case. But this situation seems to have gotten out of hand and should have been dealt with out of court. There are so many hypocrites in this area of the law. They moan when a father doesn’t want to be in a child’s life. Then, when they think it’s in their own best interest, they shut the father out.

CNN Video About Jason Patric, Sperm Donors And Their Legal Rights, And Danielle Schreiber

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