CNN Jeanne Moos Legal News Video: Shelburne, Vermont: Rod Maciver Fights Red-Light Ticket And Wins

The following CNN legal news video comes out of Shelburne, Vermont. It is a Jeanne Moos report. This video was added to the CNN website on July 29, 2013.

Rod Maciver was hopping mad over getting a ticket for running a red light. He insists that he did not run the red light. Despite the police officer having dash-cam footage that would have shown one way or another if Maciver ran the red light, the cop ticketed him. Oddly enough, the cop apparently followed Maciver about two miles down the road before pulling him over.

Before the judge made a decision, Maciver made several requests and even paid a fee of about $40 to get the dash-cam footage. That’s when he got his proof that he did not run a red light. It was yellow when his pickup crossed the intersection.

The judge dismissed the ticket. But Maciver wasn’t done. He then want to small-claims court and sued for $2000. The cops didn’t even show up to contest the case. It wasn’t stated in the video exactly how the judge decided that case.

CNN Video – Shelburne, Vermont – Rod Maciver Contests Ticket For Running Red Light And Has It Dismissed

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