CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta Health News Video: Can Fish Oil Help Heal A Brain Injury?; Bobby Ghassemi And Mining Disaster Survivor Randal McCloy Story

The following CNN health news video is about a boy who suffered a serious brain injury. His family claims that fish oil helped his brain recover and heal. Dr. Sanjay Gupta is covering this story. It was added to the CNN video collection on October 22, 2012.

Bobby Ghassemi is the patient in this story. The story starts out saying that he suffered his brain injuries 3 years ago.

Father Peter Ghassemi is interviewed for this story. He talks about receiving that dreaded phone call about the accident that caused Bobby’s injury. Mother Marjan Ghassemi also gives comments.

To make a long story short, the idea is to use high doses of Omega 3 fatty acids to help the brain recover from traumatic injury. Fish oil is the common way of consuming these Omega 3 fatty acids.

Why would Omega 3 fatty acids work?

According to Dr. Michael Lewis, these fatty acids make up the walls of our brain cells. So using large amounts of this substance is a possible way to replenish the brain’s supply of healthy cells.

At this point, this procedure has not been done enough to determine whether it actually works. Although it has worked on one person before Bobby Ghassemi (mining disaster survivor Randal McCloy), that does not prove cause and effect.

There are now 2 cases. Only 2 weeks after getting the fish-oil treatment, Bobby woke up from his coma. And weeks later, he attended his high-school graduation.

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