CNN Crime News Video – Aurora, Colorado Batman Movie Theater Shooting : Victim Jessica Ghawi’s Mother Sandy Phillips

The following CNN crime news video is about the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting at a movie theater. James Holmes killed 12 victims who were watching the “Dark Knight Rises” Batman movie at a midnight screening. 59 other people suffered gunshot injuries. Holmes is in police custody.

Jessica Ghawi is one of the victims who was killed in this massacre. She was an aspiring sports reporter who had lived in San Antonio, Texas, before moving out to the Denver area.

Sandy Phillips is Jessica’s mother. In this CNN video, Sandy is being interviewed by KSAT.

Phillips describes Jessica as a vivacious girl. She had a huge heart and was good to people. Jessica was also a bit clumsy.

Sandy wants more text messages and hugs and funny pictures. This is what she is going to miss about daughter Jessica Ghawi. Sandy was about to go visit her in Colorado before this tragedy struck.

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