CNN Anderson Cooper News Video: The RidicuList Segment On Goldfish Beauty Pageant In China

The CNN animal news video below is from Anderson Cooper’s TV show. It is part of The RidicuList, which is a segment Anderson to poke fun at somebody or some event or happening. The video was added to the CNN website on September 19, 2012.

China recently held the first goldfish beauty pageant. Anderson apparently thought this was ridiculous enough to make his RidicuList. I am just wondering whether the goldfish will get a high-class apartment like Miss Universe and Miss USA get in New York City. Do they even have high-class apartments in Beijing? And does every contestant do swimming for the talent portion of the competition?

Amazingly, 3000 fish participated, and they even came from 14 different countries.

Hilariously, a goldfish beauty-pageant judge explains the criteria for judging in this video. And as I guessed, swimming is one of the criteria – swimming “gesture.” :)

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