City News For Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – February 10, 2015: Water Main Break, Rite Aid Defense, Rising Sun Grocery Store, and Rob McCord $125,000 Campaign Funds

This is a summary of news for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on or about Tuesday, February 10, 2015. Copy and paste the links provided to read the full stories.

A water main breakage has created a virtual swamp on some Philadelphia streets.

The defense case lasted only 10 minutes in the murder trial of victim Jason Scott McClay. Suspects include Rita Pultro, 24; David Wiggins, 25; and Tariq Mahmud, 24. McClay was killed at a Rite Aid, and the alleged motive was robbery.


The Rising Sun Grocery Store has been raided. Cops say it was operating as a speakeasy, selling liquor without a license.


Ross Nese and Vahan and Danielle Gureghian have been listed as sources of the mysterious $125,000 that was contributed to Rob McCord’s gubernatorial campaign.

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