Chicago, Illinois Crime News Video: Fernando Sanchez Shot And Killed In Humboldt Park Community

A man has been shot and killed in Chicago, Illinois, while apparently just standing on a sidewalk in the Humboldt Park community. Humboldt Park is on the west side of Chicago.


Near the intersection of Le Moyne Street and Ridgeway Avenue


Saturday, July 13, 2013, at close to 2 in the morning


Fernando Sanchez was 25 years old. He lived in Chicago, in the 3100 block of West Le Moyne Street.


There is no known suspect at this time. However, the Chicago Tribune, which also has a video on this and other shootings, said that the suspect was wearing a ponytail.


This was described as another seemingly pointless Chicago shooting. Witnesses said that Sanchez was standing on the sidewalk when the suspect came from an alley and shot him. Police believe there may be a gang motive.


CBS Report On Shooting Death Of Fernando Sanchez, In Humboldt Park, Chicago, Illinois

WGN Video On This Fernando Sanchez Shooting

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