Chicago And Schaumburg, Illinois Crime And Accident News: High School Student Struck And Killed By Hit-And-Run Driver

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Schaumburg, Illinois high school student Mikias T. Tibebu has been killed in a hit-and-run accident. He was apparently struck by a vehicle and then found in the roadway near Schaumburg Road at Branchwood Drive. It was a little after midnight, on Saturday, December 8, 2012. Tibebu was 18 years old.


There is no known suspect at this time, and police are still trying to piece together all the facts to figure out what happened. While it is not known exactly what happened, the fact that the driver left the scene makes this a probable crime. That is because even an innocent driver is guilty of a hit and run when he flees the scene of an accident involving the car which he was driving.

Schaumburg is a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. It is northwest of the city.


Chicago Sun-Times Report On Death Of Mikias T. Tibebu In Schaumburg, Illinois

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