Charlottesville, Virginia Crime News: 4 Killed in Murder-Suicide On Stony Point Road

This crime story is from Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia. 3 people have apparently been murdered, with the killer committing suicide.

According to the AP report on this story, two males and two females are dead. However, the report does not state any names or say which one of these four was the perpetrator.

This incident occurred on Stony Point Road. The police apparently did not give many details to the Associated Press, but they reportedly stated that a gun was involved. Additionally, no information about a motive was discussed in the report, either. This is something we may never know since the killed took his own life after apparently murdering the 3 victims.

Charlottesville is the home of President Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. It has a population of between 40,000 and 50,000 people.


WINA published the names of the four people killed in this case. It is still not clear who actually did the killings. Here are the deceased and their ages:

1. Elizabeth Walton – 49 years old

2. Noah Philip Romando – 19 years old

3. Lily Katherine Romando – no age stated, but she is a juvenile

4. Andrew Ross Romando – no age stated, but he is a juvenile


Washington Post And AP Report On This Charlottesville, Virginia Murder-Suicide

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