Charlotte, North Carolina Crime News: 3 Charged In Murder Of Michael Shull – Ashley Owens, Aveance Bryant, And Davonta Turner reports that 3 suspects have been arrested for robbery and murder in the stabbing death of Michael Shull, a deaf man who was from Conover, North Carolina. The actual crime scene was in the Charlotte area, on Crestdale Drive. It happened on Friday night, December 21, 2012.


1. Michael Shull was 21 years old. Although he was deaf, his family could be proud that he had gotten a job and was building a life for himself.


These 3 suspects are a brother and sister of Shull’s girlfriend and a a girlfriend of that brother.

1. Ashley Owens is 19 years old.

2. Aveance Bryant is 18 years old.

3. Davonta Turner is 18 years old.


According to the victim’s family, Bryant had asked for a ride from Michael Shull. At some point, that is when the three robbed him. It is not known from the report who actually stabbed him or how many stabbed him.


It’s puzzling why they would kill Shull unless they just wanted to get away with it. Maybe only one of them decided to kill him. We don’t know that. But if the other two participated in the robbery, then they will also be guilty of murder under the felony-murder rule. All people guilty of the robbery are responsible for the death because robbers know there is an increased likelihood someone will be killed during a robbery.

Sources: Report About Stabbing Death Of Michael Shull And Arrest Of 3 Murder Suspects In Charlotte, North Carolina

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