CBS Local Crime Video For New York: Edward Brown Arrested For Murder; Victim Preliminarily Identified As Epilepsy Sufferer Nunzio Izzo

The following crime news video comes from the CBS affiliate in New York City. It is about the murder arrest of Edward Brown, who is accused of killing a victim and dumping his body in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York. Nunzio Izzo is believed to be the murder victim. Izzo has epilepsy. But authorities must still make a positive identification.

Izzo was actually last seen 18 days before this CBS video report. His body was then found at 61 Dosoris Way.


Edward Brown can be seen on this video seemingly confessing to killing Izzo. At least, he said he was sorry to the family. There is other evidence, according to the prosecutor. Brown allegedly took some of Izzo’s jewelry and pawned it off at a local shop. Despite that, Patch says that the motive is not certain at this point. Brown and Izzo had known each other, and it is being speculated that an argument may have actually led to the killing. Suspect Edward Brown seems all too willing to talk to the media and police. So there is a good chance he will tell them exactly what happened.

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