CBS Local Crime Video For Los Angeles And Ontario, California: Mother of 4, Patricia Gonzalez DeReynaga, Arrested For Murder After Allegedly Shooting And Killing Man On South Euclid Avenue

The following crime video is from the CBS local Los Angeles affiliate. It is about the murder arrest of Patricia Gonzalez DeReynaga, who is a mother of 4 kids. This alleged crime took place on Wednesday, November 21, 2012, which was the day before Thanksgiving.

Patricia Gonzalez DeReynaga was allegedly in the 2200 block of South Euclid Avenue, in Ontario, California, when she pulled out a gun and shot an unnamed victim who was 49 years old. That man was alive when police arrived but later died from his gunshot wounds.

Although the CBS and ABC reports don’t say much about the evidence, they simply say that Gonzalez DeReynaga was identified as the shooting suspect. There were apparently witnesses to the crime, which was at a fast-food restaurant.

After identifying her as the suspect, police made an arrest at her home in the 300 block of East Philadelphia Street.


Reports suggest that the police are not aware of any motive for this murder at the present time.


ABC Los Angeles Affiliate

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