Raleigh, North Carolina Crime News: Wedjunald Gemeille Charged With Murder In Death Of Angel D. Irby

WRAL reports that Wedjunald Gemeille was arrested and charged with murder for allegedly killing his girlfriend, Angel D. Irby. This crime took place in Raleigh, North Carolina. It happened on the weekend of Saturday, January 19, 2013.

Crime Scene:

Irby was killed in the apartment where she lived. The suspect lived with her.


Angel D. Irby was 29 years old. She lived in Chicago before recently moving to Raleigh. The cause of death and manner of death have not been confirmed. But based on evidence in the public domain, it appears that Angel died from a violent beating.


Wedjunald Gemeille is 21 years old. He was already being prosecuted for some violent acts. But those were misdemeanors.


The main evidence against Gemeille appears to be a very strong confession. He walked into a church and essentially confessed. The police arrested him there, which was the New Community Church on Six Forks Road. The reason that is a strong confession is because he can’t say the police forced him to confess. He wasn’t even custody when the incriminating statements were made.


WRAL Report On Alleged Murder Of Angel D. Irby In Raleigh, North Carolina, and Charges Against Wedjunald Gemeille

FOX 31 Denver (KDVR) Crime And Accident News Video: Lakewood, Colorado Police Officer James “Jim” Davies Shot and Killed By Friendly Fire

The following crime news video comes from KDVR, which is Denver’s FOX 31. The video is from November 9, 2012. This tragic incident occurred around 1:30 in the morning, on Friday, November 9, 2012. The location was a house in the 1900 block of Eaton Street.

A Lakewood, Colorado police officer was shot and killed by friendly fire when responding to a call. Multiple officers were on scene after someone suspected of being a prowler fired shots. A suspect was arrested, and he had been firing shots in the air.

For some reason, another police officer thought that James “Jim” Davies was an armed suspect and shot and killed Davies. While the officer who shot him (his name was not identified in this story) claims that he gave verbal warnings, it would have been natural for Davies not to respond to that since he was not one of the bad guys.

It will take time to do an investigation to determine whether or not the officer who killed Davies will face criminal charges.

NBC Los Angeles Accident News: 2 Killed In Explosion And Fire Of Group Home In 1300 Block of El Sereno Avenue

The following NBC Los Angeles accident news video is about a deadly fire in Pasadena, California. Two people were killed in an explosion and blaze of a group home in the 1300 block of El Sereno Avenue. This incident occurred on Thursday, November 1, 2012.

So far, police have not released the names of the victims. There is also a third injured victim that is said to be in critical condition.


Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused this deadly fire. But at least one person reported a loud bang, suggesting that an explosion started the blaze. Another described something that felt like an earthquake.

The Home:

It is not clear exactly what kind of home this is. But it is apparently not a business. Rather, 19 people somehow ended up living together in a house. The exact living arrangements are not known. But the resident interviewed in this video says it is a drug-free home and that the people live as a big family.

View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com.

Philadelphia And King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania Crime News: Raghunandan “Raghu” Yandamuri Accused Of Murder Of Little Saanvi Venna And Grandmother Satyavathi Venna; Alleged Motive Was Ransom Money

Days ago, I reported that a King of Prussia, Pennsylvania grandmother was killed, and her granddaughter was missing. According to a report in FOX News, the baby (Saanvi Venna) has now been found dead, and a murder suspect has been arrested.

The suspect is Raghunandan “Raghu” Yandamuri, who allegedly wanted to kidnap the girl and demand ransom money. But something went wrong, and he murdered the victims. 61-year-old grandmother Satyavathi Venna was killed at the house, and the child was taken. It is not clear exactly when the child was murdered, however. But the body of little Saanvi Venna was found around the same apartment complex where the vicitims and the suspect both lived.


Police are saying that Yandamuri gave a detailed confession. A confession is one of the most powerful pieces of evidence in a criminal case. But prosecutors generally need more than that to secure a conviction. In a case like this, they will likely have some forensic evidence to bolster the case since one of the victims was kidnapped (the little girl).  There may also be evidence on the ransom note, which purportedly was being used to demand $50,000 in return for the child’s life.


FOX News Report On Murders Of Satyavathi Saanvi Venna And Suspect Raghunandan “Raghu” Yandamuri

Nora, Illinois Crash News: Alice Wand (South Wayne, Wisconsin) Killed When Car Struck By Vehicle Driven By Dalton Weidner (Monroe, Wisconsin)

MyStateLine.com has reported on the death of Alice Wand in a two-car crash in Nora, Illinois. The accident occurred on Thursday, October 11, 2012, on North Stagecoach Road.


Alice Wand was 69 years old and lived in South Wayne, Wisconsin. She was pronounced dead at Rockford’s St. Anthony’s Hospital.


The report cites the local sheriff as blaming the accident on Dalton Weidner. They claim that the 26-year-old driver ran a stop sign and slammed into the side of Wand’s car. Weidner is from Monroe, Wisconsin.

Criminal Charges:

It is not clear from the article whether Weidner will be charged with any homicide crimes for allegedly running the stop sign, resulting in Wand’s being killed. He has been cited for a number of traffic violations so far. But they are all less than manslaughter.

Weidner also suffered injuries in the crash and was sent to the hospital. His medical status is not known.


MyStateLine.com Report On Traffic Death of South Wayne, Wisconsin’s Alice Wand

Lake Hamilton And Hot Springs, Arkansas Accident News: 7-Year-Old Hannah Martin Struck And Killed By School Bus

TodaysTHV.com has reported on a deadly accident involving a Lake Hamilton School District bus. Lake Hamilton is in Garland County and is near Hot Springs, Arkansas. 7-year-old Hannah Martin was struck and killled by the bus. The driver’s name was not yet released because no charges have been filed. This accident occurred on Friday, September 21, 2012.


Hannah Martin was only 7 years old. This is the exact school bus that she usually rode to Lake Hamilton Elementary School, where she attended 2nd-grade classes.


The TodaysTHV report does not provide any specific information about the cause of the accident. It was about 6:30 in the morning when it happened, and it was still dark. The location was Old Dallas Road and had no street lights. But this doesn’t really tell us that much.  It doesn’t even state whether Hannah Martin was in the street, whether she was at the usual pickup point, or really anything else about how this accident happened.

Although the driver has not been charged, an investigation is likely still under way. According to the report, that driver is currently on administrative leave. It does say the driver was a friend of the victim’s family. However, that would not be very relevant to whether he was driving negligently when hitting Hannah Martin with the bus. At the same time, it might not have been his fault at all.


TodaysTHV.com Report On Tragic Death of 7-Year-Old Hannah Martin In Lake Hamilton School Bus Accident

Traffic Accident News From Goliad County, Texas: 11 Dead, 12 Injured When Pickup Truck Hits Trees (July 22, 2012)

There has been a tragic car accident in a rural part of Goliad County, Texas. 11 people have been killed, and 12 are injured. The accident occurred on July 22, 2012.

A pickup truck was carrying all these people. As it was traveling down the road, the driver seemingly lost control due to a tire blowout. That is when the truck rammed into two trees.

Of course, the first lesson to be learned here is that is just way too many people for one pickup truck. Even a small bus with seating on the inside would not have more or much more than that. It is already kind of dangerous to ride in the back of a pickup. But overloading it like that is just asking for trouble. Defensive driving can only take you so far. And as seen from this accident, you can lose control just when a tire blows out. And all those people may have even contributed to the flat tire.

The Goliad County, Texas authorities have not released the names of any of the 11 people killed in this accident. However, more than one was said to be a child.



Duets Top 3 Jason Farol Solo Performance Of Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby”

Jason Farol has managed to make the Top 3 on the first season of Duets after being a basement dweller to start the season. The other remaining contestants are John Glosson and J Rome.

Jason is doing a duet and a solo for the Top 3. This is the first week that the contestants are performing twice and the first time they are doing a solo.

Jason sang Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby.”

For some reason, the producers are having Jason go last again this week (two weeks in a row). It seems like they are trying to get him enough votes to beat out John again (Jason was in the top 2 in voting last week after performing last).

Even Joshua Ledet did not make “Runaway Baby” a great performance. This is such a bad pick from an emotion perspective. It’s just a fast song with no real vocal life to it.

So if we just judge by vocal control, Jason was just okay. He lost control on some of the fast lines. The public will vote for whomever they like. But if they are voting on performance, John should be in the finale. Something tells me Farol has a good chance of getting more votes, though.

Kelly Clarkson and Jordan Meredith Duets (2012) Week 3 Performance of “Mama’s Broken Heart”

Jordan Meredith is one of Kelly Clarkson’s singing partners on the debut season of Duets. She has had a somewhat rough time of it so far and could be in danger of hitting the bottom 2 during Week 3. That bottom 2 will have a sing-off, and the loser will be eliminated in 8th place.

Because the show has done a terrible job of explaining the rules and even sticking to their own rules, we don’t know exactly how the scoring will be tabulated in Week 3. However, we do know that Jordan was 7th in the first week and improved to 5th the second week. By my reckoning, that puts her very close to even with Olivia Chisholm, with Jason Farol being the bottom contestant.

If the scores from Week 3 also count, Jordan will likely avoid the bottom 2 if she places ahead of Olivia. If she is behind Olivia, then we could see Jason and Jordan in the bottom 2 and the elimination sing-off.

Jordan admits she gets nervous on stage. I don’t see that changing enough in a few weeks for her to win. They are singing Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart.” Kelly tells her to go all out and don’t worry about the crowd.

This is a questionable song choice. It is too fast for a singing contest. Jordan starts out really weak in the first part of the song. When she goes to the higher part, her voice starts to project better. This was an uneven performance for Meredith, and she needed to do a lot better to definitely avoid the bottom 2 sing-off.

Jordan was 2nd out of the first 3 contestants. It looks like she will be safe.