America’s Got Talent 7 YouTube Special Episode Performance of Bird Trainer Clint Carvalho (August 14, 2012)

Before the Olympics, America’s Got Talent wrapped up its initial Top 48. 16 teams have made it to the Top 24. The August 14, 2012 YouTube audition episode will add four more acts to that group. Next week, the wildcard round will add 4 more to make a total of 24 acts moving to the next round.

Clint Carvalho is a bird trainer who auditioned on YouTube and was selected for the live performance show. He is joining Olate Dogs as the only animal acts in this round of the AGT 7 competition.

Bird acts have the same problem as magicians. While some of the impersonations or bird tricks can be impressive, it’s hard to fit a good bird act into 90 seconds. This is what Clint Carvalho will have to deal with in this YouTube performance round. And he is bound to get compared to Olate Dogs, which can’t be a good thing. I predict that Clint Carvalho will have a tough time making the top 4 in this group of 12 YouTube acts. No bird act has ever gotten past the first live round. Carvalho is supposed to be pretty good at training birds. But it’s very difficult to impress with a bird act in a mere 90 seconds to 2 minutes.

Wow. I have never seen that. Clint had the bird on top of a tall building next to the theater. He called the bird (Kitten), and this cockatoo flew all the way down from the building, into the theater, through the auditorium doors, and right to Clint. I would vote for this. It was amazing to me, anyway.

The judges are concerned about what other tricks he has. But they were impressed and seem to think he deserves another chance. Carvalho went first, which could be bad for getting votes.

Stars Earn Stripes Premiere Episode TV Ratings (August 13, 2012)

Stars And Stripes is a new NBC reality TV competition. It uses celebrities as contestants. Some are very well known, such as Nick Lachey. Others are not so well known, such as The Biggest Loser trainer Dolvett Quince. The latter was eliminated on the premiere episode.

General Wesley Clark is a host, and so is Dancing With The Stars’ Samantha Harris.

The ratings were not all that good for the debut episode of Stars Earn Stripes, which aired on Monday, August 13, 2012. According to TV By The Numbers, it was 23 percent lower than the ratings for the Love In The Wild premiere, which is the show NBC launched in the same time slot last year. Love In The Wild was renewed for a 2nd season, but that season just wrapped up before the Olympics.

The premiere earned ratings of 1.7 in the 18-to-49 demographic, with a 5 share. It had an average of 5.149 viewers.

The premiere of Hotel Hell did a little better in the demo, with a 1.9 and 6 share. Stars Earn Strips did beat Bachelor Pad, which had a 1.2 with a 4 share and 4.060 million viewers. Both shows aired from 8 to 10 p.m. Eastern.

The debut episode of Stars Earn Stripes also managed to beat all the reruns it was up against. In the 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. range, however, it lost to Hell’s Kitchen, which did a 2.7 demo with a 7 share, with 6.46 million viewers.


TV By The Numbers

Stars Earn Stripes Premiere Episode Live Blog And Recap – August 13, 2012

Stars Earn Stripes is a new military-inspired reality TV competition show on NBC. General Wesley Clark and Samantha Harris are hosts. The executive producers are Mark Burnett, Dick Wolf, and David Hurwitz.

8 celebrities are scheduled to participate in military-like exercises. They are playing for the charity of their choice, and all of the charities are related to the military community.

Each celebrity will pair up with a military soldier and compete against the other teams. The celebrities include Laila Ali, Dean Cain, Terry Crews, Nick Lachey, Todd Palin, Picabo Street, Dolvett Quince, and Eve Torres.

The celebrities come in on helicopters. The operatives (teammate/trainers) arrive in Humvees.

Samantha Harris welcomes everyone. Each stripe earns money, but one winner will win over $100,000 for his or her charity. Samantha introduces General Wesley Clark.

Here are the 8 teams:

1. Terry and Dale
2. Dean and Chris
3. Eve and Grady
4. Laila and Talon
5. Nick and Tom
6. Picabo and Brent
7. Dolvett and Andrew
8. Todd and J.W.

The first mission is an amphibious assault. It will use real weapons, including a grenade launcher.

They train the celebs first before competing on the first mock mission. For this first mission, they will work two teams at a time.

Laila and Dean are going together with their operatives. Dean says sniper Chris is a superstar, so it will be his fault if they lose. Laila says this is a tougher environment than the boxing gym.

Observation: It’s really hard to tell how well the celebs are doing. It’s confusing the way it is edited, and there should some kind of straightforward scoring to make it more objective.

Dean and Laila’s group finished in 13 minutes and 20 seconds. Chris and Talon nailed their part of the shooting.

Dolvett and Todd are the next group. Dolvett freaks out. He isn’t much of a swimmer and starts yelling for help. Dolvett was evacuated, so Todd has to do everything that he and Dolvett were supposed to do together (shoot the targets).

Dolvett and Todd’s team finished in 20 minutes and 54 seconds. They were really slowed down by Dolvett’s being evacuated.

Nick and Eve are in the next group. Eve thinks Nick may be the weak link. But Nick seemed to do great, and this group is safe from the head-to-head elimination.

Terry and Picabo are the last group. Terry can’t seem to swim. They try to help him, but his head is still going under the water. So much for shattering that “black people can’t swim” stereotype. Both black guys were sinking like a rock. Terry was evacuated, so Picabo has to do double duty. She seemed to do well enough, but they did not show their finishing time.

After the break, General Wesley Clark will tell us which two celebrity contestants must do the elimination shootout.

Nick and Eve were the fastest. They did not give Picabo’s place, but she was apparently not last. Because Dolvett and Terry failed to complete the mission, they must participate in the elimination shootout challenge.

The two challengers must break through doors and shoot targets. They must make a long-range sniper shot and hit a small piece of plastic to complete the shootout.

Dolvett gets a big lead in the shootout, but he is having problems finishing off that last sniper task. Terry catches up and starts the sniper round. He hits the perfect shot before Dolvett can do it.

Dolvett is eliminated from Stars Earn Stripes.

CNN Entertainment And Sports News Video: US Olympic Gold Medalist Skier Picabo Street Interview About New TV Show “Stars Earn Stripes”

The following CNN entertainment news video contains an interview with Picabo Street, who is starring in the new NBC reality TV show, “Stars Earn Stripes.” The video was added to CNN’s online collection on August 13, 2012.

Picabo is a US Olympic gold-medal skier. It takes massive courage to be a world-class snow skier, so she shouldn’t have any problem tacking the military-style tasks thrown at her in “Stars Earn Stripes.”

Of course, things like shooting weapons involve a different set of skills than downhill skiing. So even though Street is probably the best athlete on the August 13, 2012 debut episode, that doesn’t necessarily mean she will win. However, she wouldn’t not win because there are men competing. These are not really strength challenges, so the men won’t have an advantage because of that.

Picabo explains the concept. She and the other 7 celebrities are paired with a member of the military. That service member is her trainer and teammate. They get special kinds of missions and compete against the other celebrity/soldier pairings.

When asked who was terrible on the show, she said every contestant had his or her own strengths and weaknesses, but they all did a good job overall. Street also said that Laila Ali broke down at some point because she is afraid of heights.

The pilot and debut episode of “Stars Earn Stripes” airs at 8 p.m. Eastern time, on Monday, August 12, 2012.

Is The NBC Reality TV Show “Stars Earn Stripes” Disrespectful To Military Veterans and Troops?

NBC is debuting a new reality TV show called “Stars Earn Stripes” on Monday, August 13, 2012. It involves celebrities competing in military-inspired challenges, such as shooting machine guns and rappelling from helicopters. 8 celebrities will be competing for charity.

Some people are already complaining about “Stars Earn Stripes,” saying that it is disrespectful or insulting to military members.

As a military veteran, I am always confused that some people treat the military like babies, like they are going to cry and run home to Mommy when they get their feelings hurt. U.S. troops are adults, and the bulk of them understand what they are fighting for – freedom. That includes the freedom to have a show that actually helps raise money for charity.

The show doesn’t make light of what the military and soldiers do for the country. It is obviously showing how difficult and challenging the tasks are even when an enemy is not trying to shoot or destroy you.

Will some military veterans and active troops not like this show? Sure, but some will be interested in seeing the competition. In fact, it is meant to honor the troops by showing the skills they develop and sacrifices they make for the country.

And the charities that will receive money are designed to help the military community. They include the Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation (Nick Lachey), Got Your 6 (Dolvett Quince), Military Child Education Coalition (Laila Ali), Hiring Our Heroes (Picabo Street), The Pat Tillman Foundation (Terry Crews), the USO (Eve Torres), Wounded Warrior Project (Dean Cain), and Armed Services YMCA Alaska (Todd Palin).

So why would someone be so offended by Stars Earn Stripes? It is fully meant to honor the troops. The United States didn’t invent war, and U.S. troops aren’t little crybabies. The charities are good and will actually help some veterans, such as with the Wounded Warrior Project. And organizations like the USO help raise the morale of troops while on deployment.

I find the idea of Stars Earn Stripes a little odd, but I don’t find it disrespectful. If even Sarah Palin’s husband is on the show, that suggests she is not opposed to the idea. If you are even more sensitive than Sarah Palin about military issues and wanting to treat the troops like babies, then you need to grow some thicker skin and find something serious to complain about.

CNN Showbiz Tonight News Video – Jamie Foxx’s “Apollo Live” Reality TV Singing Contest To Challenge American Idol

The following CNN entertainment news video first appeared on HLN’s Showbiz Tonight. It is about another new reality TV singing contest. This time, Jamie Foxx is in the mix. The video was uploaded to the CNN website on August 7, 2012.

Foxx’s new show is “Apollo Live.” Not surprisingly, it is filmed at Harlem’s Apollo Theater.

Foxx claims the show will give American Idol a run for its money. It certainly won’t unless they completely revamp the show, which I can only presume they will be doing to take it into primetime. The Apollo I have seen before seems more like an exhibition than a real contest. It has the air of being a perpetual set of auditions instead of a grand contest.

Gladys Knight is scheduled to be a judge on Apollo Live. Jamie says the show is about the singers, not about the judges. He thinks Idol is becoming about the judges instead of finding a star. I don’t really believe this, and it sounds like PR spin to me. There were still several fantastic singers featured on Idol, and Scotty is already a platinum album seller. And Philip is doing good with his coronation single.

It is not clear at all from this video what changes, if any, will be made in the traditional Apollo format.