Chase Likens American Idol 11 (2012) Spoilers and Predictions

Chase Likens is a country singer. He is auditioning for the 11th season of American Idol. Chase was briefly shown in the initial auditions for the Nashville round. Likens is 19, and he is a college student from Point Pleasant, WV.

According to spoilers from TheIdolPad, Chase has made the Top 24 for American Idol 2012. If true, then he will sing for America’s votes against 11 other guys, 5 of whom will make it to the Top 12.

I suppose the guy is handsome, which might be good for getting early votes. But Chase doesn’t seem to be getting featured in Hollywood, and he seems to be the token country singer that is thrown in as an afterthought just to appease the country fans. While he sounded pretty good in his audition clip (although it was very short), we are not talking another Scotty McCreery or Lauren Alaina here. Chase is a competent country singer, but his tone and other singing aspects seem average to above average. In a season that is following up on the heels of a Season 10 that had two country singers in the Top 2 (that has never happened), I’d suspect only the hardcore country fans are looking for another singer to repeat that success. Others will likely be looking for something different this year, and the producers have chosen to focus on one cowboy during Hollywood Week that probably won’t even make the Top 24.

If a country singer is going to do well this year, I am more likely to predict that Skylar Laine may have a decent chance to go far than Chase Likens. This is just not a good year for country singers to be competing, and none of them is getting featured as of yet. Conversely, Scotty was one of the star attractions during Hollywood Week last year, and Lauren’s auditions were shown over and over again.

Chase Likens is a decent country singer, but that’s it. Other than being handsome, there is nothing there that seems very appealing or marketable that would give him an edge. Look for Chase to go out in the Top 24 round or early in the Top 12. It is not that easy to predict exactly how well he will do, but it is clear that Chase is not being edited as a favorite for the show. Thus, it is easy to predict that he will not win the 11th season of American Idol.


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YouTube: Chase Likens Interview About American Idol Auditions

YouTube: Chase Likens Audition for American Idol 2012

Adam Brock Spoilers and Predictions for American Idol 11 (2012)

American Idol’s 11th season is currently airing its Hollywood Week auditions. Adam Brock was not shown in initial auditions, but he was featured during the first round of Hollywood Week.

Adam even got a little backstory, but it was pretty lame. He is sad to be away from his daughter, as this is the first time he has been separated from her for several days in a row.

Brock has a nice, strong voice. Some people say he reminds them of Season 8’s Danny Gokey. They are both soul singers (although Danny made a country album that was moderately successful by modern standards). Other than that, I don’t get this comparison at all, but they are both good singers for sure.

According to spoilers at TheIdolPad, Adam Brock was chosen for the Top 24. The people behind that site have been pretty accurate in the past with their spoilers, but they do sometimes change based on previous bad information. It’s fair to say, though, that Adam has probably made the Top 24, which is the first voting round.


I can’t predict high success for Adam. It seems he is going to focus on soul singing. While the power is certainly there, his voice is a bit shrill when going for the big notes. That lowers the quality of his vocal tone, which is going to be very important to a lot of voters. People compare him to Danny, but he seems more like Gokey Lite than the full banana.

In the end, if the spoilers are true that Brock has made the Top 24, I suspect that there is about a 75% chance he will be cut immediately in that Top 24. Of course, he has some chance of making it to the Top 12, especially because there are wildcard spots given by the judges. Adam could also be helped by the fact that this seems to be a pretty weak group of guys, which is in contrast to what seems to be a very strong group of girls for Season 11. But that help him will only get him so far. Adam has a lame backstory, he doesn’t seem to have a star personality and his singing is good but a notch below other singers of his type who have been on the show before. This means he has little to no chance of winning American Idol 2012.


TheIdolPad Spoilers for American Idol Season 11 Contestants

Will Whitney Houston Be a New Judge on the US X Factor?

Recently, host Steve Jones and judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were all fired after the first season of the US X Factor. Ratings were decent but not as expected, so fingers are being pointed left and right. Nonetheless, the show did well enough for a second season. The latest is that Whitney Houston has been offered a spot as a judge and mentor on the show.

Like the record industry as a whole, Whitney has had declining results in her album sales, but her last concert tour had pretty good results. As seen from her Dancing With the Stars performances, her voice is just not the same, so this would likely be a good gig for her to make a few more million while also resting the voice.

This is kind of an expected pick. I don’t really know how warm of a personality Whitney has, but she certainly has some sarcasm in her if she wants to play those stupid judge wars that X Factor seems to think are good for ratings. Houston is also one of the best singers of all time, so she does bring some credibility in that arena.

One thing that would be nice about having her as a judge is that we could stop hearing those lame critiques that people can’t sing her songs. In fact, many, many contestants have sung her songs. It is hard to match her vocal quality. But loads of singers can at least hit the notes. I’m sure Whitney Houston would judge performances of her own songs fairly instead of blowing smoke like these other judges do whenever someone tries to tackle one of her songs.


Will Whitney be good for ratings if she takes a judging role on the US X Factor? I doubt that any one person could dramatically change the ratings. The show needs a complete overhaul, not just cosmetic changes. At any rate, I doubt that she would hurt ratings, so the show will just have to decide whether Whitney’s asking price is too much for its bottom dollar.

Whitney never struck me as a particularly smart person. After all, she did marry Bobby Brown. Is there really anything else to consider? And she made her bucks as a singer, not as a songwriter, so doing cocaine is about the dumbest thing she could have ever done for her career. Thus, I’d lay decent odds that she will demand more than what she is worth and not get one of the open judge/mentor spot on the X Factor. If she and her manager come to their senses and engage in realistic negotiations, however, then surely she will be there for the 2nd season.


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