NBC Today Show Video: Interview With America’s Got Talent 8 Winner and Japanese Dancer, Kenichi Ebina (September 19, 2013)

The following Today show entertainment video contains an interview with Kenichi Ebina. He is the Japanese dancer who just won the 8th season of America’s Got Talent. Kenichi took home one million dollars for the win. The results show was on Wednesday, September 18. 2013. This video interview is from the next day (September 19).

Kenichi is the first dancer to win AGT. But he won by creating a show, not just dancing. Kenichi added magic, mime, and interaction with characters on a TV screen. Dancing is just part of his act.

Kenichi thought he would finish in 3rd or 4th place. When he got in the top 2, he was like, “What am I going to do?”

He thought about the million dollars and his life changing before winning. But he tried not to.

Ebina said he has been really busy over the past two weeks because he was putting his routines together.

Today Video With Interview Of Kenichi Ebina, Winner Of The 8th Season Of America’s Got Talent

CNN Entertainment News Video: Andy Gross Interviewed By A.J. Hammer, About His “Dismembered Body” Magic Trick And Viral Videos

The following CNN entertainment news video is from HLN’s Showbiz Tonight. A.J. Hammer is interviewing Andy Gross, a magician with some viral videos showing his “dismembered body” trick. This video was added to the CNN website on July 30, 2013.

In this magic trick, it looks like the top half of Andy’s body is separated from his lower half. And the legs are standing up by themselves, with Andy’s head and the rest of his body holding onto the bottom half. This scares people in the viral videos and has them running away.

Andy refused to reveal the secret behind the trick. But he did say that it is really him, and he is a whole person.

So far, Gross’s Youtube of this dismembered-body trick has garnered over 4 million views. You can see the link below. It was uploaded on July 2, 2013. Since that time, it has also gotten a solid user rating of 16,111 Likes and only 369 Dislikes.

Andy Gross’s Dismembered-Body Magic Trick YouTube Video

CNN Video With Interview Of Andy Gross, On HLN’s Showbiz Tonight

NBC Today Show Viral Magic Video: Pepsi Max Campaign – Dynamo The Magician Floats In Air Next To London Double-Decker Bus (June 25, 2013)

The following Today show video shows a magic trick in London that was sponsored by Pepsi Max. A magician named Dynamo appears to be floating next to a double-decker bus, while touching the bus with only one hand. This video aired on the June 25, 2013 episode of Today.

Anchor Natalie Morales says she thinks the arm is fake, and that there is some kind of harness involved. Yeah, the arm is probably not a real arm. But how is the magician held in place. That assumes this is not a camera trick. But the video shows people on the street appearing to watch in amazement as the magician goes by.

In the article lined to above, the Daily Mail shows how this trick might have been done. It uses metal supports in the fake arm and around the body of the magician to hold him in place.

Today Video About Pepsi Max Campaign Showing a Magician Floating Next To a Double-Decker Bus In London, England

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Video For May 30, 2013: Skit For “Smoking Hot Magic” (Features Magician Justin Flom And His Card and Book/Coin Trick)

The following comedy video comes from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It aired on the Thursday, May 30, 2013 episode. This skit is called “Smoking Hot Magic.” It features one of Ellen’s favorite magicians, Justin Flom.

Justin does a card trick where he has Ellen pick a card from the deck. It is the 6 of Diamonds. She puts in back in the deck. And at least it doesn’t look like he had the chance to see it. Now, he takes Ellen’s book from the side of his chair. There is a card sticking out. He pulls it up and it is is the 4 of Diamonds. She says that’s not it. Flom says he can fix it. He then starts to rub on and shake it back and forth. It transforms into the 6 of Diamonds.

Justin Flom then has a receipt for Ellen’s book, a lighter, and some change. He places then down and picks up the book. Justin tells Ellen to tell him to stop when she wants as he is flipping through her book.

Flom stops when Ellen says, and it is Page 140 and 141. He has her sign Page 140. Justin then puts a coin inside the book receipt, lays it on the book, and sets it on fire. Suddenly, it looked like the coin burned itself through the book. When he opened it, the coin was lying on Page 140.

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show Skit For April 30, 2013: “Mind Reader Stuns Ellen And Her Audience” (Eric Dittelman From America’s Got Talent)

The following comedy video comes from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It aired on the Tuesday, April 30, 2013 episode.

This skit is actually a magic segment with Eric Dittelman. He is a mentalist/mind reader, which really just means he uses tricks to make it look like he is reading someone’s mind. Dittelman became semi famous as a contestant on America’s Got Talent. He did not win but made it pretty far in 2012.

This trick consists of Ellen, Tony, and Kevin drawing pictures, while Eric is blindfolded. Eric also uses some half dollars and tape to cover his eyes in addition to the blindfold. Finally, he uses duct tape to blind himself even more.

So after they draw the pictures, Eric guesses what the pictures are while still blindfolded.

A lot of people online say this trick can be done because there is a small slit – an opening – just below Eric’s eyes. The half dollars can actually help to create this slit. However, I am not 100 percent sure that is how Eric does the trick. It is also at least possible that he has an earpiece and someone in the audience telling him what is on the drawings. But the former is the more likely scenario for how Eric does this mind-reading trick.

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NBC Today Show Video: Examples Of Tricks From National Geographic’s “Brain Games” TV Show; Features Host Jason Silva And Apollo “Gentleman Thief” Robbins

The following Today show video is about a new National Geographic TV show called “Brain Games.” It demonstrates things like optical illusions. In this preview of sorts, host Jason Silva and Apollo Robbins (the Gentleman Thief) trick Matt Lauer and Bryant Gumbel. This video aired on the April 15, 2013 episode of the Today show.

Jason Silva explains that the brain is complex but also has its limitations. For example, it can take 2D images and filter them to create 3D images. But if you understand how the brain works, you can trick it.

Here’s a riddle:

Mary’s mother had 4 daughters. April, May, June, and…. Bryant said July as the answer. That is wrong. The answer is Mary. It was Mary’s mother who had 4 daughters. So Mary has to be the 4th one.

Apollo Robbins then did the traditional shell game with a pea. He then did a Follow The Ace illusion. Bryant picked out a 4 from the deck. Apollo then made it disappear and reappear, stuck to his forehead.

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show Video For April 12, 2013: Rahat’s Magic Trick Segment: “Drive-Thru Workers Lose Their Heads”

The following video comes from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It aired on the Friday, April 12, 2013 episode. This is a magic segment called “Drive-Thru Workers Lose Their Heads.”

Ellen frequently features a magician and prankster called Rahat, who has been successful lately at launching several viral videos of his magic tricks.

In this trick, Rahat created a headless costume. He then ordered food and went through some drive-thru windows to scare the workers. Kathy was the best. She got so scared that she screamed and closed the drive-thru window.

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NBC Today Show Viral Magic Video: Rich Ferguson Pulls “Human Chair” Prank In Coffee Shop (April 9, 2013)

The following Today show video shows more of magician and prankster Rich Ferguson’s “Human Chair” prank. He basically puts cushions on himself to allow him to hide in a chair. People think they are just sitting in a chair because Rich, who is sitting down, is effectively hidden under the cushions.

Rich pulled this trick on Natalie Morales and other Today show staffers as an April Fool’s joke. You can see that video here.

In this video viral video, Ferguson pulls his “Human Chair” stunt no some coffee-shop customers.

One of these days, this guy just might get beaten down or, worse yet, stabbed or shot by somebody. This video aired on the April 9, 2013 episode of the Today show.

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ABC News Video: Rahat’s “Imaginary Friend Appears In Photo” Magic Trick

The following ABC News video is about one of Rahat’s magic tricks. This magician is getting lots of attention through viral marketing these days. This ABC video aired on Good Morning America. It was added to the ABC website on March 27, 2013.

This trick is actually quite simple. Rahat takes a picture of himself and a friend on Hollywood Boulevard and saves that in his picture app on his cell phone. He then asks a random passerby to take a picture of himself and an imaginary friend. When the person gives his camera back to him, he quickly presses a couple of buttons and pulls up the photo that was made in advance. It looks like the imaginary friend now physically appears in the picture with him.

At best, this magic trick gets a B in my book. I knew immediately how he did it. But it gets points for being a newer trick. I imagine somebody somewhere has thought of it. But it’s the first time I have this trick put into real-life action.

Now, if he could do it on somebody else’s phone who just walked up. That would be a seriously good magic trick.

NBC Today Show Video: Rahat The Magician Prankster Goes Through Drive-Thru With Headless Costume (April 4, 2013)

The following Today show magic video features Rahat the Magician Prankster. He recently had a viral video where he used a costume that looked like a car seat. Rahat then went through restaurant drive-thru windows to make it look like the car had no driver.

In this April 4, 2013 video, Rahat modifies his drive-thru prank to make it look like the car is being driven by a headless person. The costume hardly looks real, but the effect is still a nice prank that freaks out a lot of workers at a drive-thru window. One lady freaked out and got so scared that she closed the window and ran away.

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