CNN News Video – FBI Raid of Detroit Home of Rapper Young Calicoe (Dog and Cock Fighting)

The following is a crime and music news video from CNN. It was uploaded to their website on July 12, 2012. Nick Valencia provides reporting for this story.

Young Calicoe is a rapper from the Detroit, Michigan area. A video was posted online which had evidence of a crime. This prompted the FBI to raid Young Calicoe’s house to conduct a search and investigation.

The suspected crimes involve dog and cock fighting. It looks like we may have another Michael Vick situation here. Dog fighting is a federal crime, so that is why the FBI would be interested in investigating this issue.

The thing that is really funny is he openly posts this video online and admits in the video that he fights the chickens and the dogs. LOL. The only defense I could see is he may claim that he was just making the video to try to look cool to his fans. However, that is hardly credible since it is unlikely someone would go to that much trouble to make a stupid video that implicates you in federal crimes.

Young Calicoe then provides further evidence of guilt by Tweeting people to let him know if they find a video of him fighting dogs. Double LOL.

So far, the rapper has not been indicted, but dogs were taken into custody as part of the raid.

CNN Animal News Video – Amazon Pacu Fish With Teeth Like a Human Found in Illinois’ Lake Lou Yaeger

The following is a CNN animal news video about a peculiar fish with human-like teeth. It was added to CNN’s video section on July 9, 2012.

A pacu has been found in Illinois’ Lake Lou Yaeger.

As it turns out, experts say the fish is a pacu, which comes from South America’s Amazon Basin. Someone must have dumped the Pacu in the lake after having brought it from a vacation or having it shipped it to the U.S. Pacu fish are also sold in some pet stores, so someone could have bought one and just dumped it in the lake. Two have been caught in the last few weeks in this lake.

Deana Kirkwood is a resident from East Alton who was visiting the lake the day the fish was found. It freaked her out. Russell Boston is a Raymond resident who also appears in this video.

Keith Nessl is a Walshville resident who said he isn’t really concerned about a pacu because he has been in shark-infested waters before.

Jim Cadwell is the lake superintendent. He said it was scary seeing a fish with teeth.

A pacu is similar to a piranha. However, the piranha has much sharper teeth. According to experts, the pacu cannot survive an Illinois winter because it is a tropical fish.

CNN News Video – July 9, 2012 : Study Shows Babies With Pets Are Healthier

The following CNN animal video is about the effect of having a family pet on babies. The video was uploaded on July 9, 2012.

According to a study from Finland, babies with a dog or cat around in their first year had fewer health problems.

The theory is that dogs either carry or possess some kind of substance that strengthens a baby’s immune system.

Dogs seem to be better for this than cats, and animals that go in and out of the house seem to provide even better protection.

Personal Notes:

Lots of organizations do lots of studies. It is not a scientific fact at this point that having pets improves the health of a baby. In some situations, it could even make a baby’s health worse.

Looking at the average health of a baby in this situation seems particularly unwise. For example, a particular baby may have an allergy to a particular dog or other pet. The average results in a study are meaningless when it comes to situations like this. The point is to make sure you learn what is best for YOUR baby, not a hypothetical child.

Only 400 babies were subjected to this study. That is rather small sample and only in the country of Finland. Certainly, this would need to be replicated many times to arrive at any conclusion.

CNN News Video – Gresham, Oregon: Tammy Johnson’s Dog Daisy Rescued From Rock-Quarry Cliff

The following CNN animal news video is about a dog who was rescued from a 200-foot cliff in Gresham, Oregon. The owner of the dog is Tammy Johnson. The video was uploaded to the CNN website on July 4, 2012.

The cliff where the dog was stuck was above a rock quarry. If he had fallen, it would have been lights out for sure. Daisy had been missing for about 3 days.

Gresham firefighters performed the rescue by suspending an officer on a rappelling line. Bob Chamerlin was on the line used to descend down to Daisy the dog to make the rescue.

Jennifer Johnson is Tammy’s daughter. You can also see her giving comments on this video.

Knife River is the operator of the gravel pit where Daisy got stuck.

ABC / YouTube Animal Video: Good Morning America Play Of The Day: Dog Raids Refrigerator

The following ABC animal video was from a Play of The Day segment, which is a regular feature on Good Morning America. The original of this funny dog video was first posted on YouTube. It was posted to ABC on June 27, 2012.

This dog knows where to go when he gets hungry and doesn’t have any food in his doggy bowl. He raids the family refrigerator.

This video seems to actually be a dog who was trained to pull stuff out of the fridge. He even pulls out the little shelves and cabinets that are used to store the food.

The YouTube video for this dog raiding the ice box comes from the Petsami channel on YouTube. It has gone viral, with statistics of almost 110,000 video views in only 4 days. The user ratings are also pretty good, with 309 Likes and only 11 Dislikes.

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ABC Dog News Video: Palm City, Florida – Jim and Julie Lumley’s Pugs (Shadow and Zoe) Apparently Killed By African Bees

The following ABC animal news video has a sad story about two pugs named Shadow and Zoe. These dogs were apparently killed by a bee attack in Palm City, Florida. The belief is that the bees were Africanized. This video was uploaded to the ABC website on June 28, 2012.

Jim and Julie Lumley are the owners of the little pugs. The dogs were out for a walk when they were attacked by bees that just happened to be a clump of trees in the neighborhood.

According to Julie, the pugs panicked when the swarm of bees came at them. Julie was also stung over 100 times during the bee attack. Shadow died at the scene, and Zoe died at an animal hospital.

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FOX Animal News Video: Dearborn, Michigan’s Mona Ramouni Uses Cali, The Rare Seeing-Eye Horse

The following is a FOX News animal video. It is about a rare sight – a seeing eye horse. This is one of only six known to be existence in the entire United States. This video was added to the FOX News online video pages on June 27, 2012.

The horse is not huge like you may be thinking. The reason it can even go on an airplane is because it goes only up to about the waist of the blind girl who uses this helpful animal.

The woman who uses it is Mona Ramouni, who comes from Dearborn, Michigan. The horse’s name is Cali. Mona is Muslim, and many in this religion, including her Jordanian parents, do not believe in having a dog in the house. But horses are not looked at in the same negative light.

A horse such as this can continue to work as a service animal for about 30 years, whereas a seeing eye guide dog can typically work around 10 years maximum.