Castle Rock, Washington Accident News Video: Pedestrian Sisters Struck By Levi Laney’s Vehicle; Harlie DesArmo Killed, Courtney L. DesArmo Injured

Two sisters were struck by a car near Castle Rock, Washington. One of the sisters was killed, and the other was seriously injured. The older sister just graduated from Castle Rock High School, and the younger sister, who died in this pedestrian accident, was about to be a sophomore.


Bond Road


Monday, August 19, 2013, at about 9:20 at night


1. Harlie DesArmo was killed in this crash. She was 15.

2. Courtney L. DesArmo was injured. She is 18. According to reports, Courtney had surgery and is improving.


Levi Laney is 22 years old. He also graduated from Castle Rock High School.


Laney hit the sisters as they were walking along the road. He apparently told the police that he simply did not see them.

Criminal Charges:

At the time of posting, Laney had not been charged with any crimes. Police do not believe this was a case of drunk driving or excessive speeding. While that certainly reduces his odds of getting charged, police and prosecutors will look at all the facts and circumstances before making a decision.


KATU Video: Castle Rock, WA: Accident Involving Sisters, With Harlie DesArmo Killed And Courtney L. DesArmo Injured

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