Cass County, Texas Crash News Video: Teen Sawyer Hill And Pregnant Woman, Kayla Quinonez, Killed; 3 Victims Injured, Including Teen Kelli Quinonez, Nova Hill, And Mark Hill

Five residents of McCaskill, Arkansas, were involved in a deadly crash in Cass County, Texas. 2 of the victims were killed, and 3 were injured. KSLA has a video on this story that you can see by clicking the link below.


Highway 59, near FM 2328


Saturday, August 17, 2013, at about 6:30 in the evening


1. Teenager Sawyer Hill was killed in this accident. Sawyer was only 13.

2. Kayla Quinonez was only 23 years old and pregnant. She was the other victim who died.

3. Teen Kelli Quinonez was injured. She is 15.

4. Nova Hill was injured. She is 39.

5. Mark Hill, Nova’s husband, was also injured. He is 44.

According to KSLA, Nova Hill and Kelli Quinonez were said to be in critical condition. Mark Hill’s medical status was not known.


Nova Hill was the driver. Police believe that the vehicle overturned after it veered right and Hill overcorrected.

Criminal Charges:

It is not known at this time whether Nova Hill will be charged with any crimes. First, authorities would at least need to know why she lost control in the first place.


KSLA Video On Car Crash And Death of Teen Sawyer Hill And Mother-To-Be, Kayla Quinonez, And Injury To Kelli Quinonez And Nova And Mark Hill

KWTX Article On This Cass County, Texas Accident

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