Bowling Green, Kentucky Crime News: Rose Marie Woolbright Charged With Sex Trafficking Of Her Own 13-Year-Old Daughter; Chad Wayne Simmons And Pedro Lopez Diaz Also Charged

According to a report on, mother Rose Marie Woolbright has been charged with human sex trafficking for alleged acts of offering her own 13-year-old daughter up for sex in exchange for money. This woman is accused of making her girl have sex with two adult men.


Woolbright is 30 years old. She is also charged with illegal sodomy because she is an accessory to the sexual act, which is clearly rape. The other crime she is charged with is “unlawful transaction with a minor.”

The two men charged in the same case are Chad Wayne Simmons and Pedro Lopez Diaz. Simmons is 37, and Diaz is 28.


The actual evidence of guilt was not discussed in the KFVS report.

Bowling Green is in Warren County, Kentucky. It has a population of around 60,000 people.


KFVS Report On Sex Charges Against Mom Rose Marie Woolbright For Pimping Out Her Own 13-Year-Old Daughter

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