Austin, Texas Crime News Video: Dario Ballard Charged With Murder of Omar Azmitia-Hernandez

The following crime news video comes from Austin, Texas. It was created by Fox 7 (KTBC).

Local 22-year-old resident Dario Ballard, Jr. has been charged with the murder of his roommate, Omar Azmitia-Hernandez.

The police theory, backed up by substantial forensic evidence, is that Ballard shot Omar where they lived, which was on Woodland Oaks Drive. Dario then allegedly set that place on fire to try to cover up the murder.

Ballard then continued to provide more evidence of his guilt by borrowing a pickup from someone. After getting the pickup, the police eventually found the victim in the back of the vehicle at Blue Valley Park. Omar Azmitia-Hernandez was found hidden under a mattress in the bed of the truck.

While it seems that no one knows so far what happened with the initial shooting, Ballard could not have done much worse of a job of trying to get away with murder. It is trivially easy to find evidence of arson. And when he borrowed a vehicle on the same day that the victim disappears, that will immediately put a huge suspicious spotlight right on him. Of course, things got even worse when he panicked and fled while leaving the body in the truck. Because police know he borrowed that truck, they will have no problem proving that he killed Omar. The only real issue is to motive and whether he has any kind of defense to the initial killing.

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