Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee Crime News: Wife Melissa Marshall Shot And Killed Husband Robert Marshall, In Apparent Self-Defense

A wife has shot and killed her husband, in Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee. She has not been arrested because police apparently believe this was an act of self-defense.


This incident happened at the Marshall home.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Note: There were really two incidents here. The husband had been arrested earlier, and warned not to to to his house because the wife had an order of protection against him. Well, he got out of jail and apparently went straight to the house. Once there, he was shot between about 1:30 and 1:45 in the afternoon.

Suspect And Motive:

Robert Vann Marshall is suspected of breaking into the house after getting out of jail. Wife Melissa Marshall says that is when she shot him. Marshall called 911 first to report the attempted break-in, saying that he was also threatening her and the kids. Robert Marshall was 34 years old.

Criminal Charges:

In a case like this, issues the police and prosecutors will look at are whether an alleged aggressor was armed or had a superior strength advantage over the alleged victim. Of course, the claim has to be believable, as well. In this case, Melissa Marshall says that her husband was armed when trying to break into the house. It is not clear whether the police recovered a weapon. However, even if he was not, the husband had a power advantage over the wife and kids that arguably justified her use of deadly force.


WBIR Report On Shooting Death Of Husband Robert Marshall, By Wife, Melissa Marshall (And Self-Defense Claim)

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