America’s Got Talent Quarterfinals Predictions For August 29-30, 2017

These are my predictions for who will advance to the America’s Got Talent semifinals from this 3rd and final set of quarterfinalists. The predictions were made after the live performance show on August 29, 2017. The results show is on August 30, 2017.

Colin Cloud – definitely

Colin’s act was full of mentalism tricks. I’m not sure how he did all of them. It was an imporessive performance. At least one of the tricks looked ridiculously impossible. I don’t see how any human being could guess that a random person in the audience was going to figure out that a person was going to think about a time that a dog bit her on the butt. While I am not making any accusations here, that certainly appears to have either been staged unless the girl mentioned what she was thinking, and someone in the audience was able to hear it and get that message to Cloud. I did notice this time that he never showed whether he was wearing an ear piece, for example. That is one way he could have received the message.

On the other hand, it doesn’t seem like the girl on stage mentioned what was in her head about having Justin Bieber CDs stolen from her by Simon. And how Colin would have been able to get the plaque behind Simon Cowell (who was sitting on a bench) saying exactly what the girl thought is also a mystery to me. The knife trick probably was just a switcheroo type of thing. All in all, though, as a non-magician who understands some but far from all tricks, this was very impressive except for the knife trick, which seemed pretty standard. I predict that Colin will easily advance to the semifinals.

Kechi – probably

Kechi’s performance was the last of the night, which is usually good for voting. Although it was not really one of my favorite performances, it was better than many singers on AGT who advance to the semifinals. I know people complain about backstories, and Kechi’s is that she was the sole survivor in a plane crash. I predict that Kechi will probably at least make the top 7 and take one of the semifinal spots. It was a steady, emotional performance. The dynamics are probably not there for a finalist spot. But she has probably done enough to make it through this round.

Sara Carson And Hero And Loki – probably

Last week’s dog act didn’t make it through for some reason despite actually being very good. If that act didn’t make it, I am not sure why this one should. Is the dog good? Sure, the dog definitely has some decent training, and that should be commended. And Sara also added another dog named Loki, which she said is a puppy. But it was not a tiny puppy. I have never understood the pacing of this act. The dog is too fast, and it all looks messy to me. Simon at least acts like he loves this dog act. He even gave it a standing ovation. I am not excited about this act because I have seen better animal acts. But the judges’ comments may really help her. It seems that Sara is likely to knock off one of the singers here.

Chase Goehring – almost definitely

He will almost definitely advance after performing another original song about a past girlfriend that broke up with him to date a friend. The name is called “Illusion,” and it was up to 798 on the main iTunes chart shortly after the show. And this is without AGT actively promoting his song as far as I know. Mandy Harvey’s song also got to the top 200 or so last week. As long as a contestant has good original songs, that’s a big advantage. And Chase has a similar style each time, which is good for branding, and has a way of writing songs in a catchy way. My prediction is that he will have no problem advancing this week.

Diavolo – probably

This is the dancing act that uses large stage sets and dances around on them. This time, they used what looks like a wheel with spokes. It started out really bland, with people basically just climbing through the spokes. While I think what they showed is an ability to create a show, it doesn’t seem like they were doing something impressive as far as dancing. It seemed like mid-level stunt work instead of dancing. This kind of thing doesn’t seem to have gotten many votes in the past. While the performance probably improves their chances of getting their own show in Vegas or somewhere, I was thinking as watching it that I can’t predict that this is going to get a lot of votes. Frankly, I would have buzzed it early if I had been there. But it did get better as they started spinning the wheel faster and jumping off of it. Some of those drops (the others were catching them) were dangerous to some degree. So by the end of the act, I was a lot more impressed than in the first 30 to 45 seconds. By the end of it, I could see how they act might get enough votes to advance. It’s a little hard to predict how voters will react to such an unusual act, but I rate them as having a decent and probably better-than-average chance of advancing. Of course, they will have to knock off a singer or two to do that. But the judges’ comments were glowing, and this will likely push them to the semifinals.

Angelina Green (probably) and Mike Yung (possibly, but not highly likely)

About the surest thing you can use when making predictions on America’s Got Talent is to look at who got the Golden Buzzer. And Angelina got Heidi’s Golden Buzzer in the initial audition rounds. Unless an act implodes badly, that Golden Buzzer usually sends him or her to at least the second live round. So even before seeing her perform, it was likely that Angelina was going to advance just from a general odds perspective. Her performance was not stellar but was pretty solid throughout. She has some beautiful notes and a fair amount of dynamics. This is one of the easier predictions tonight. She will likely advance to the semifinals. However, tonight is really tough in terms of predicting because a lot of favorites (either talent wise or sentimentality wise) got put here for some reason.

Will America pick all singers? Probably not, so some of these singers have to fall down even though they all sang pretty well. Mike Yung is one of those singers that could easily make it on his backstory as a subway singer and for having a pretty good performance. Simon said he hopes America votes for him, which suggests that Simon is not so sure. Howie said he was the best singer of the night so far. However, he didn’t really seem super excited. Mel B had lukewarm comments. Mike is on the bubble for me. I will have to think about it. But since some singer has to go down here, I guess I have to predict that Mike will be the one. Predictions are hard this week. I wouldn’t even be shocked if Angelina did not make it and Mike did.

Oskar and Gaspar (possibly but not likely)

This act uses some kind of visual technology to make it look like an invisible hand is drawing on the people. Although this is certainly a kind of talent, it kind of irks me when almost an entire performance is based only on technology. This is a talent that is relevant to the entertainment business, such as in making movies and TV shows. But it doesn’t seem like the kind of performance art that does well on America’s Got Talent. And it’s likely that a lot of people have this kind of graphic arts training, but that it just hasn’t been presented as a stand-alone kind of act on a big stage. They are basically just standing there the whole time while someone offstage works the light magic. It’s so visually cool that some people are likely to throw some votes their way. But they would have to knock off a couple of early favorites to do this. That is an uphill battle. I would put this act in the “possibly but not likely” category when it comes to predictions.

Oscar Hernandez (unlikely to advance)

Even before watching the performance, I predict that Hernandez will not make it. He is what the reality TV competition world refers to as “cannon fodder.” The only thing Oscar has is that it’s somewhat surprising that he can dance as well as he can for being such a huge guy. But even that is overcome by the fact that the skill level of his routines is very low. This is a joke act to anyone who watches the other dancing acts. It’s so obvious that he’s just doing standard cheerleading routines. And after watching this live performance, my opinion did not change one bit. It was another standard cheerleading routine. If this makes it, I will be shocked, but only mildly since nothing on AGT shocks me anymore.

Junior & Emily (unlikely to advance)

Before watching this performance, I put this salsa duo (they are also brother and sister) in the “probably will not advance” prediction category. They basically do one major thing every routine – having the girl spin really fast. That is more like an exhibition of one decent trick than a unique dance routine.

They seriously did an airplane spin in this performance. What is this? Professional wrestling? This act does not deserve to advance with that kind of choreography. Then, a good part of the act (not most of it, though) consisted of boring arm movements. And of course, the spinning moves were on display again. Although I would not give them zero chance of advancing, my prediction is that their odds of making it to the semifinals are very low.

DaNell Daymon & Greater Works (will probably advance)

I am not a huge fan of choirs because so many of them sound the same. It seems that a choir needs a really good lead singer. Then, you at least have the opportunity to judge that lead singer. It obviously adds to what is usually an otherwise non-unique choir sound. I am not saying that no choir at all can be unique. But this one is not special without the lead singer. So she must bring it home.

Unfortunately, like these acts seem to do again and again, they switched out the lead singer this round (for the first part of the song) for someone who is not nearly as good as the lady who sang lead in the earlier rounds. That was a big mistake. The group sang the Grease song, “You’re The One That I Want.” This was fun but did not have the vocal impact of the previous rounds. Whoever made this strategic decision to change out the lead singer may have doomed this group to elimination. Nonetheless, I am predicting here, not ranking the acts for myself. And I believe that, based upon judges’ comments and the like, they have been set up as a favorite to advance out of this round. So while it’s not a total lock, DaNell Daymon & Greater Works will probably advance. Since I am predicting, there is a good chance they will take Mike Yung’s spot. I would pick Mike over them, but it seems this group is poised to advance.

Note that the lady who led before did come out and sing the second part of the song. Unfortunately, the song choice turned out not to be right for her. They changed the song up so she could take it to church. But the impact was not what it could have been with a different song. And you don’t want to save your bread and butter for the last half of a song, anyway.

Final Draft (not likely to advance)

It is strange that I initially thought this boy band was so good. Their first performance seemed excellent to me. But they have just gone downhill since then. Final Draft didn’t even get picked in the judge cuts, but they are back here as a wildcard. And tonight was not that good. The guy who started out singing the song has a really thin voice, so the performance got off to a bad start. There are a couple of soul singers in this quartet, but this song did not allow them to shine. This group has unfortunately fizzled in my eyes. They are not likely to advance.

7 acts from these 12 will be advancing to the semifinals. This week seems like the hardest to predict, and those predictions don’t seem to be much easier after watching the performances. Based on what I have written above, my predictions for the 7 advancing acts are as follows:

1. 3 acts that will almost certainly advance (no particular order here)

a. Colin Cloud
b. Chase Goehring
c. DaNell Daymon & Greater Works

2. 4 more acts likely to advance but with less confidence

d. Angelina Green
e. Kechi
f. Diavolo
g. Sara & Hero & Loki (dog act)

3. acts that have a decent chance but not likely to make it

h. Oskar & Gaspar
i. Mike Yung

4. acts that have a low chance of advancing

j. Oscar Hernandez
k. Final Draft
l. Junior and Emily

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