America’s Got Talent 7 YouTube Special Episode Performance of The Magic Of Puck (August 14, 2012)

Before the Olympics, America’s Got Talent wrapped up its initial Top 48. 16 teams have made it to the Top 24. The August 14, 2012 YouTube audition episode will add four more acts to that group. Next week, the wildcard round will add 4 more to make a total of 24 acts moving to the next round.

The Magic of Puck auditioned on YouTube and was selected for the live performance show. Puck is a magician. According to his AGT bio, he has been performing for 40 years and is a full-time entertainer.

Below, you can see Puck doing a dove act. I had to laugh when I saw that he has uploaded only one video to YouTube. So he has been doing magic for 40 years and has only one video? The dove act was okay, but it won’t get many votes on AGT. He would have to try something different if he wants to make the top 4 on this YouTube special and advance to the Top 24.

Eric Buss and Rudy Coby are the other magicians on this YouTube special episode. Based on what I have seen online, I’d have to rank The Magic of Puck third out of these three. He is going to have to do something totally different than that dove act to have any chance to compete against these other magicians. And that doesn’t even consider the other 9 acts that will be performing.

Puck is married and has three kids. He works mainly as a magician on cruise ships.

Puck did a “dancing handkerchief” act. Not being a magician, I don’t know exactly how he did it even though I have seen this kind of magic. However, it was better than what I have seen before from other magicians.

Howard thinks he has to get better but deserves another shot. Howie thinks he will make it to the next round but is lucky that everyone else sucks tonight. Sharon thinks he is good, but the magic has to get bigger instead of being something small like a dancing handkerchief.

Overall, he did the best magic act of the three. So while I didn’t have high hopes for him before the show, that’s why you have to see the performances first. The other two have almost no chance of making it, while Puck has a good chance of making the top 4 in this group.

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