America’s Got Talent 7 Final: Performance Of Kid Dancing Group The Untouchables (September 12, 2012)

The Untouchables have made it to the final round of America’s Got Talent 7. This kid dancing act was in the 2nd group of 12 in the semifinals. Along with Olate Dogs, they made it through to the finals automatically by placing in the top 2 in the public votes. David Garibaldi And His CMYK’s were picked over Lightwire Theater by the judges to advance to the final. The performance episode for this Top 6 finale is on Wednesday, September 12, 2012. Thursday is the results episode and the crowning of a Season 7 winner and awarding of $1 million to the champion.

The presence of this group in the finals is puzzling. They pretty much violate the basic rule on AGT dancing, which is that you have to streamline the performance and tell a story instead of doing a random exhibition. The Untouchables do a fairly random hodgepodge of ballroom dancing, and there are way too many members in the group. Yet, they have that cute little girl who cried in the interview after the semifinal performance. Only God knows how many votes that got them. But I suspect it might have been enough to get The Untouchables to the final round.

While anything could happen at this juncture, I have this kid dancing act ranked 4th, with William Close, Olate Dogs, and Tom Cotter (1, 2, and 3, respectively) placed ahead of them. But I would not be shocked at this point if these kids won. After all, they went first in the performance order in the Top 48 and still made it through automatically on the public vote. That is pretty uncommon. They then made the top 2 in their Top 24 semifinal group. The Untouchables seem “unstoppable” when it comes to getting kid votes. But is that enough to win the America’s Got Talent 7 final? It never has been before, so I predict that they will not win this time, either. But they could definitely finish better than 4th if the editing is positive, the judges give high praise, etc.

Live Show:

The Untouchables are going 3rd in the performance order out of the 6 finalists. They did a routine to “Rolling On The River.” This was a step back in my opinion. And the synchronicity was off in spots. They did a solo, but the girl’s solo was extremely cheesy.

Howie said he didn’t love this routine as much as the last one. Sharon thought they were great, and Howard said the lines were perfect. None of them predicted or called for a win, though. The little girl pandered for votes, saying that kids are the future of America. LOL. I hope that doesn’t get many votes. It’s not relevant to a talent contest.


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