America’s Got Talent 12 Semifinal Predictions – Which 10 Acts Will Make The Finals?

America’s Got Talent is about to have two weeks of semifinals and then presumably one 10-act finals round. I say this because they sometimes suddenly have another week with about 5 or 6 contestants. So for this article, I am going to predict which 10 will make it past the semifinals, which start on September 5 and 6, 2017. The second week of the AGT 12 semifinals round is September 12 and 13.

I will be using the list of semifinal acts that has been published by Wikipedia. The lists for each week may not be 100% correct, and the lineups are subject to change. So this could affect my predictions. But this is all I can do for now. Word has it that 5 from each of the 2 rounds advance.

Week 1 Predictions

I believe that Darci Lynne Farmer and Chase Goehring are almost certain to make it. Beyond that, two guys that seem to have developed as strong favorites to make the finals are Johnny Manuel and Preacher Lawson. These are the 4 acts that I feel pretty strongly will advance in the first week of the semifinals. That leaves one more spot, and I don’t have particularly strong feelings about this last spot.

Of the remaining acts, the ones that did best in voting in the quarterfinals were Billy and Emily England, Mike Yung, and Sara & Hero. I say this because these three acts did not need to be saved by the Twitter Dunkin’ Save vote or the judges.

The acts that did need to be saved were DaNell Daymon & Greater Works, Evie Clair, Eric Jones, and Yoli Mayor.

It is certainly possible for an act to have to be saved but then easily sail through in the semifinals. So while it may be tempting to pick Billy and Emily, Mike, or Sara & Hero, it is not out of the question that the others could have a better round and make it. I’ll probably be in much better position to make this fifth pick after seeing the performances. But I will pick Eric Jones this time. He is due for a better trick and can hopefully pull one off.

Week 2 Predictions

Let me state that I do not know the wildcard yet that is reportedly supposed to compete in Week 2. It’s just about impossible to predict who it will be. But whoever it is, I am going to leave this act out. But it could mess up my predictions if this person or group does really well in the semifinals.

I feel that the Week 2 crowd is much weaker than the first week. Some of the acts in the first week should have been put in this round to even out the overall talent. Most of the acts with a good chance of winning are in Week 1, and I frankly think that only Angelica has a decent chance of winning among the Week 2 semifinal contestants.

I predict Angelica will advance, along with Mandy Harvey. This leaves 3 more acts, and it’s hard at this point because it’s not clear how well these acts will perform. A group like Diavolo must present something really unique, and it’s hard to know what’s going to happen. Before seeing the live performances, though, I am going to go ahead and predict that Diavolo will do something solid and advance.

This leaves two more acts to pick for the finals from Week 2. It gets harder at this point. Celine has not been very good in my opinion, but the voters seem to like her. Kechi, Light Balance, and Merrick also advanced without needing to be saved. Actually, In the Stairwell also did not have to be saved, and neither did Kechi. However, Christian Guardino and Colin Cloud had to be saved and were saved by the Twitter Dunkin’ Save vote.

I am going to predict that Merrick Hanna advances. Hopefully, he will have something unique and do at least a couple of new moves for his dance routine. Although his act has limitations, he is very good at what he does. And he showed artistry in the quarterfinals and will probably come up with another good story to tell with his dancing.

So that is Angelica, Mandy, Diavolo, and Merrick. This leaves one more. Now, it’s even harder to do this before seeming them all perform. But based on previous voting plus a prediction of who will seem the freshest, I think I am going to pick Light Balance. This leaves out Kechi, In The Stairwell, Colin, Christian, and Celine. But I would not be surprised if I am wrong here a couple of times. I am pretty good at predictions but far from perfect.

List of Week 1 Semifinal Predictions
Darci Lynne Farmer, Chase Goehring, Johnny Manuel, Preacher Lawson, and Eric Jones

List of Week 2 Semifinal Predictions

Angelica Hale, Mandy Harvey, Diavolo, Merrick Hanna, and Light Balance

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