American Idol 12 Winner Predictions After Top 40 Selection (Angie Miller FTW)

American Idol 12 has now reached its Top 40, which consists of 20 girls and 20 boys. The next phase of the competition is Las Vegas. It is one round, with the judges picking 5 guys or 5 girls each episode for 4 episodes. So it’s pretty risky making winner predictions at this stage since the producers could force a shock elimination in the Las Vegas round.

And voting results are fairly unpredictable in the early going. For example, who honestly would have picked David Cook or Kris Allen before the live voting rounds? Just about no one except people drawing names out of a hat. Nonetheless, this is just for fun. So I’ll predict, anyway.

Last year was an easy pick because Phillip Phillips is like the poster boy of what American Idol viewers have been voting for in recent years. I don’t like the “white guy with guitar” concept and actually think there are many reasons why some of these guys won, arguably over better talent. I really think it’s more of the laid-back style and personality than what they look like.

But suffice it to say there doesn’t seem to be a Phillip Phillips in this entire group. Like Season 9, it seems there is an actual attempt to cast better girls this year talent wise, as well. I mean, when Charlie Askew and Lazaro Arbos are the guys getting the buzz coming into the Top 40, you damn sure know there’s some manipulation going on. Add to that the fact that the next most hyped guy is Curtis Finch, Jr, a guy who has a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning. Well, it’s not hard to figure out what the producers are doing here.

Here is my short list of who I think at least has some chance of winning. But one or more of these might actually be cut in the Top 40 by the judges or Top 20 in the first voting round.

1. Angela (Angie) Miller

Girls haven’t won in forever. But again, I think that’s more about style and personality than gender (of course, the guys do seem to have some advantage with the current voters on American Idol). This girl seems to have the style of someone who could win. And while she is a Christian, she’s not in your face like some contestants. Kris Allen is also Christian. Most people at home didn’t know that and really don’t care as long as you don’t start preaching to them.

She is good looking, which does seem to help more with the guys than it does with the girls. But I think Angie is pretty in a non-threatening kind of way. So I feel like it is a positive in her case. She just doesn’t look like that slutty type that would steal your boyfriend.

She certainly sings well enough to be an Idol winner even if you don’t think she is the best singer. And she has been cast as the singer-songwriter type, which does win American Idol.

2. Candice Glover

Angie, Candice, and Janell Arthur seem to be the producers’ top 3 girls. So I at least have to mention Candice as one of the favorites. But I think her performances are pretty consistently overrated. She mostly sings loudly and shows some occasional excellent vocal technique. And she identifies herself as an R&B singer. We’ll get lots of runs, and that only takes you so far on Idol. You have to sit there and softly deliver a song with emotion sometimes. And I haven’t seen her do that yet (my opinion, of course).

3. Janelle Arthur

I mention Janelle mostly because you can’t ignore the fact that country seems to have a voting advantage on Idol. And that advantage seems to have gotten even stronger over time. Erin Kelly can barely sing and made the Top 5. Lauren, who is not very marketable at all, probably would have won if Scotty hadn’t been there. Janelle has a great vocal tone, as well. But she doesn’t seem to have the personality of other winners.

4. Kree Harrison

I at least have to mention this potential darkhorse. She was not featured throughout the competition until the very last audition round. A lot of people loved her “Stars” performance. The fact that she hasn’t been featured may suggest a lack of star qualities, though. I didn’t get goosebumps like Keith Urban did. But maybe I will the next time. I consider Kree a longshot at this point.

There are plenty of other talented girls. I just don’t see them winning at this point.

5. Lazaro Arbos

I believe this guy is overrated and at risk of crashing and burning pretty fast. But you at least have to mention someone who has had the biggest buzz in the early going.

6. Paul Jolley

This guy has been shown a couple of times. He sort of fits the mold of previous winners and appears to be very popular in relation to the amount of time he has been shown. He also seems to be country but with some added versatility. The negative is this guy seems less masculine than previous winners. Some even think he is gay, but I am not sure about that. If Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken can’t win, it’s going to be hard for any guy perceived to be gay to win. That’s not anti-gay on the voters’ part in my opinion. It’s pro-hot-guy-I-adore on the part of women voters.

7. Charlie Askew

Well, this would be a first. No one who has ever identified himself as “weird” has ever gone on to win American Idol. I like this guy. But he screams “supporting Broadway actor” or something like that instead of “Billboard pop star.” Vocally, he is good at times. But he loses the vocal control at other times. This guy should get plenty of “quirky personality” votes for a while. But the act will get a little bit tired. And his voice won’t be stellar enough to make him the winner of American Idol 12.

8. Jimmy Smith

Jimmy has been shown a few times. The problem I see with Jimmy at this point is that he is in competition with Paul Jolley. The judges/producers might even cut him in the Top 40 round. And for whatever reason, I think this guy is great, but others don’t seem to share the same enthusiasm. So I have to mention Smith but consider him a longshot.

9. Nick Boddington

Nick had perhaps the best solo-round performance in Hollywood. His “Stars” was great. I’d give the edge to Angie Miller in that round. You can’t totally count out such a great singer who is also a musician. But some people just exude star qualities. And Nick is at risk of being overshadowed in this category. He also doesn’t seem to have an edgy side, which may actually be the reason David Archuleta took 2nd instead of winning. He only sang ballads and has no edge at all to his voice. I haven’t heard enough yet. But Nick seems to have the same problem.


So many factors go into how contestants finish in these contests, that it would be really hard to predict an exact finishing order. For now, though, you can see my predictions for the Top 7 below.

Looking at all the factors, I have decided to pick Angie Miller to win American Idol 12 despite the fact that so many people think a girl simply can’t win. Maybe a girl can’t win at this point with the current voting rules. But with this crop of guys, it seems like now or never.

1. Angie Miller
2. Paul Jolley
3. Janelle Arthur
4. Candice Glover
5. Charlie Askew
6. Kree Harrison
7. Nick Boddington

Update: Charlie and Nick did not make it to the Top 10. Curtis and Devin did, and Amber has come out of nowhere to make the top 10. The other 5 that I picked above are still looking very strong. One of them will surely win.

I do believe these 7 will at least make the Top 10. If Angie does not win, then I think Paul or Janelle will win.

If Curtis Finch or Jimmy Smith make the Top 10, then I could see them making the Top 7. Lazaro could also make the Top 7. If Rachel Hale can make the Top 10, she could go pretty far but won’t win. Of course, 1 or 2 people I haven’t mentioned here will probably creep up there into at least the Top 7. There is always someone that comes out of nowhere. Devin Velez, Cortez Shaw, Johnny Keyser, Shubha Vedula, and Melinda Ademi, for example, have a decent chance of doing pretty well in American Idol 12 if they can make it to the Top 20 first by surviving the judges’ eliminations. I also love Isabel (Pasqualone) and think she has a shot at going pretty deep if she can just get to the Top 10.

Below, you can see the Top 20 guys and Top 20 girls.

Top 20 Females

1. Adriana Latonio
2. Amber Holcomb
3. Angela Miller
4. Aubrey Cleland
5. Brandy Hotard
6. Breanna Steer
7. Candice Glover
8. Cristabel Clack
9. Isabel Pasqualone
10. Janelle Arthur
11. Jenny Beth Willis
12. Jett Hermano
13. Juliana Chahayed
14. Kamaria Ousley
15. Kree Harrison
16. Melinda Ademi
17. Rachel Hale
18. Shubha Vedula
19. Tenna Torres
20. Zoanette Johnson

Top 20 Males

1. Bryant Tadeo
2. Burnell Taylor
3. Charlie Askew
4. Chris Watson
5. Cortez Shaw
6. Curtis Finch, Jr.
7. David Willis
8. Devin Velez
9. Elijah Liu
10. Gurpreet Singh Sarin
11. Jimmy Smith
12. Johnny Keyser
13. Joshua “Josh” Holiday
14. Joshua “Josh” Jada Davila
15. Kevin Harris
16. Lazaro Arbos
17. Mathenee Treco
18. Nick Boddington
19. Paul Jolley
20. Vincent “Vince” Powell

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