American Idol 12 (2013) Spoilers And Predictions On Joshua “Josh” Jada Davila (Openly Gay And Transgendered Contestant)

The 12th season of American Idol is set to premiere on January 16, 2013. According to spoilers over at The Idol Pad, the producers and judges have already chosen a Top 40, with a group of 20 girls and separate group of 20 boys.

One of the singers on the spoiler list is Joshua “Josh” Jada Davila. It is very early now, and the American Idol 12 auditions haven’t even started airing yet. But I will provide some predictions as more information becomes available.

I found an article in The New York Post about Josh Jada Davila. He is reportedly a gay contestant. To be specific, Josh is transgendered. Previously, he participated in a contest called Windy City Gay Idol.

I haven’t seen a picture of him yet, but Davila describes himself as an androgynous person. Davila told the Post that androgyny is everywhere and that he comes in as a representative of that community by being in the spotlight on Idol.

The Post says that openly gay contestants have never been featured. That’s not exactly true. Contestants before didn’t openly say, “I’m gay.” But is there any question about Danny Noriega, for example? And there was a guy who looked transgendered before in auditions. But that guy was a bad singer and didn’t make it through.

Some of the comments in the Post are quite simply wrong or total speculation. For example, they claim that Idol is changing this year to feature more homosexuals because of sagging ratings and increased competition from The Voice and X Factor. There is absolutely no proof of this. X Factor is not a threat at all. And there is no evidence that the producers are featuring Joshua “Josh” Jada Davila because he is gay or transgendered. That’s kind of an insult, actually. Maybe they picked him because he is actually talented or entertaining.

As far as making predictions on Davila’s success on Idol, I would guess that the Idol voting demographic is looking for a more masculine type. But I couldn’t find a single performance of his. So I can’t yet make predictions based on Jada’s singing talent, stage presence, entertainment value, etc.


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