American Idol 11 (2012) Top 3 Philip Phillips Performance of Matchbox 20’s “Disease”

Philip Phillips has made the Top 3 on the 11th season of American Idol. He has a severe problem with kidney stones, but hopefully he can make it through this week and next week if he is in the top 2 vote getters this week.

Phillips has always been my favorite to win, but he is not my personal favorite. The dream scenario for me would be a Phillip and Joshua finale: my favorite to win and my personal favorite. But Jessica is no slouch and could make the finale, as well.

Philip is singing three songs this week. One song choice each is being made by Philip, Jimmy Iovine, and the judges. This article will provide details about Philip’s personal song choice. You can find my articles about the other two song choices and performances by visiting my home page or clicking on the “philip phillips” tag under this article.

Philip chose Matchbox 20’s “Disease” as his personal pick. The phrasing was great as usual. He could have had more power. This wasn’t a particularly great performance, but he has one more that he will sing last on the night.

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