Amarillo And Dumas, Texas News: Lewis And Gloria Pena’s Dog Macy May Comes Home After 7 Years

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7 is now a very lucky animal number for Lewis and Gloria Pena.

7 years ago, someone took Macy May from their family business. After all this time, Macy May somehow made her way back to the Pena home in Dumas, Texas.

According to the Pena family, Macy May even remembers her name. Although her brother was stolen around the same time 7 years ago, the long-lost dog now has two new companions – dogs that Lewis and Gloria got after Macy May disappeared.

The owners were able to definitively identify the dog because they had chipped her when she was younger. Chipping is an identification method that uses a microchip placed inside the skin of the dog. The chip has an ID number, and the microchipping company uses equipment to match the implanted chip. When the number matched, the Penas knew that Macy May had made her way back home after 7 years.

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