ABC News Video: Palm Desert, California’s Amy Williams Attacked By Coyoto While Walking

The following is an ABC animal news video about a woman being attacked and bitten on the leg by a coyote. It was added to the ABC website on June 27, 2012.

Amy Williams, who is from Palm Desert, California, was on her routine morning walk when this incident occurred. Williams says she was just walking along when the coyote came from behind and bit her on the leg.

The incident is the second to occur recently in the same Riverside County Palm Desert community. Wildlife officials speculate the coyotes were just looking for food, thus exhibiting aggressive behavior.

Officials humanely killed both coyotes and tested them for rabies. Both animals came back negative. According to the expert on this video, it is possible that the lack of recent rain may be contributing to this rare phenomenon. Normally, coyotes tend to be scared of human beings, according to this same wildlife official.

Amy Williams went to the hospital and got stitches.

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