ABC News Video: Carrollton, Texas: John Frank Howard Allegedly Stole Money From His Employer’s Company To Pay Hit Men To Murder His Wife, Nancy

Recently, I wrote an article on John Frank Howard, who was accused of hiring a hitman to kill his wife, Nancy Howard. And the wife fortunately survived even though someone tried to kill her. Two alleged hit men have been charged in the case. You can learn about new developments in this bizarre murder plot by playing the ABC News crime video below. It was added to their website on September 12, 2012.

This case gets stranger and stranger. First, we found out that one of the hit man actually told the FBI he had been hired to kill John Frank Howard’s wife. Somehow, he was let go to finish the job. And for some stupid reason, the FBI reportedly never told local authorities about the apparent murder scheme.

Now, the odd new twist is that John Frank Howard allegedly stole money from the company he worked for to pay off the hit men. His employer is cooperating with the police over this wrinkle in the case. This could be very important as evidence to show both an intent to have his wife killed plus at least solicitation for murder. As the evidence mounts, it looks like John Frank Howard is going to have an awfully tough time escaping these murder solicitation charges.

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