ABC News Local Crime Video For Los Angeles (KABC): Adelanto, California Murder-Suicide: Daveon Stubblefield Shoots And Kills Wife, Ashante Stubblefield, At Bus Stop, And Then Shoots Himself

The following ABC News local video comes from KABC, which is the Los Angeles affiliate. This murder-suicide took place at a bus stop in Adelanto, California, which is in San Bernardino County. It occurred on Friday, January 11, 2013. It was around 11:20 in the morning when the shooting took place. Leticia Juarez is in Adelanto to report on this video story.

Crime Scene:

The bus stop is on Chamberlaine Way. Reports have said that the couple lived close to this bus stop.

Suspected Shooter And Evidence:

Witnesses saw husband Daveon Stubblefield shoot wife Ashante Stubblefield during a heated argument. Moments later, he committed suicide by shooting himself. Both suspect and victim were announced dead about 10 minutes later.


Well, the shooting took place in the middle of an apparently loud argument. However, what the Stubblefields were arguing about was not discussed in the video or other reports that I have read on this murder-suicide.


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