ABC News Crime Video: Newport Beach, California – Real-Estate Millionaire Peter Chadwick Accused of Murder Of His Wife, Quee

The following ABC News crime video is about an alleged murder in Newport Beach, California. Peter Chadwick, who made millions in real estate, is accused of killing his wife. This video was added to the ABC website on October 15, 2012.

Peter Chadwick came under immediate suspicion when police found signs of foul play in the family’s home. The problem is there was no body in the house. As of yet, wife Quee Chadwick’s body has not been found.

A person had reported hearing screams at some time during that week. However, it appears as if that was not immediately reported to police.

Police were called because the children (the couple have three boys) were not being picked up for school.

Subsequent to that, San Diego police say that they got a call directly from suspect Peter Chadwick. They did not share what he said on the call, but the fact that he was arrested after it leads one to believe that he made some kind of confession on that call. The fact that he was almost at the Mexican border and called from there suggests that he was going to try to make an escape and then had second thoughts about it.

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