ABC News Animal Video: Long Island, New York: John Dolan’s Siberian Husky Dog, Zander, Tracks Dolan Down At Hospital?

The following ABC News animal video is about a Siberian husky named Zander. The story takes place in Long Island, New York. Owner John Dolan was in the hospital, and Zander reportedly took off on his own and was found across the street from the hospital. This video was added to the ABC website on October 5, 2012.

Note: The ABC caption for this video is false. Zander did not make it to John’s bedside. He was found by a passerby across the street from the hospital. Zander had a dog tag with identifying information that the passerby used to contact Dolan.

How could this happen?

Well, it’s at least within the realm of possibility that this Siberian husky picked up on Dolan’s scent. The dog could have followed that scent to the hospital. If not, this could be a coincidence. The dog apparently ran a few miles. It is far from remote that that this could be a coincidence because there are only so many directions a dog can go. And Zander was in the vicinity of the hospital but not exactly there. If 1000 dogs start running away from home, it’s not going to be surprising if a handful end up in a funny place like this.

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