Twitter Tips From Jimmy Boyd

1. Click here and join to earn money on your Tweets. You must register to earn money. Don't just start using the URL shortener at the top. Register and log in to get your special Tweet URLs and earn money. No selling or anything required. Totally free. Twitter ALREADY makes you shorten your links. Might as well get paid for it.

2. Visit the home page if you are a writer and want to earn lifetime revenue sharing writing articles for this website. Totally free.

3. Find other Tweeps with your same interests at Totally free.

4. Twitter does something like 600 million searches DAILY. That means the more Tweets you make, the more likely someone will find you when searching in Google. Looking for  followers is good, but you'll get them anyway if you keep Tweeting about trending and current events.

5. A lot of new users don't understand that you can just go to a user's Twitter home page to get all their Tweets. This filters out the Tweets of all your other followers. If you are in a hurry to check up on something, go to the user's home page.

6. Own a blog? You can AUTOMATICALLY Tweet all your blog entries with an RSS feed. WordPress blogs come with an XML blog feed. Go to, get an account and register your RSS feed. TwitterFeed then automatically Tweets every blog post you make with the title of the post and the link. It's all automatic once you set it up. This is also a free service.

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